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Hope And Care Foundation is a Delhi based NGO registered in March 2012 under Trust Act ( All India ) . We are working for Women Empowerment, Livelihood,Financial Inclusion, Skill Development, Health awareness, and NABARD pilot project Joint liability Group and Self Help Group, Farmer Clubs and other programs.. Through Cooperative Banks, RRB, Nationalize Banks and MNC banks. For villagers, Farmers, Women’s / Men’s ,Youths of Uttrakhand ,UP,Himachal, Rajasthan, MP, Haryana, Bihar,Gujrat, Odisha states in rural area.

We are working towards helping people to have sufficient income, food, education, health, an upgraded lifestyle and availabilities by working on their local area Agriculture, Handicraft, small industry, development of their skills. We also help them with developing other sources of income. We are helping people to be independent by providing them Skill development training programs, motivation to their skills and jobs, guidance and educating people about Financial literacy, Small savings, open and operate bank accounts, meaning and benefits of Insurance etc.


We are helping to women and Youngsters to start a small business within their area of Interest and willingness to work in a group or as a Sole Proprietor. We help them with business-like – Dairy, Goat farming, Poultry farming, Fish farming, Jute work, Handicraft, Toy making, Tailoring, Woollen work, Jari work, wooden art, Beauty parlour, and some agriculture products non-traditional Sustainable Liveilihood . We are providing guidance to the people according to their Interest and job field. We are conducting skill development programs on regular basis as per the requirements or interest to people of local level, educated / non-educated persons separately.


PURPOSE - To make all become Independent, Skilled, having Upgrade lifestyle, educating them about financial literacy, Health link with employment to everyone, spreading local art and culture, handicraft all over India and abroad.

We provide our keen dedication in the training and development of farmers, women and youths to start their business but they still tend to face the issue of lack of a market to trade their produces.  To provide the complete assistance, we help them finding and targeting their market with our marketing firm,  Xara Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd. We buy the products from villagers and market their products all over India and abroad.


Our primary aim is to provide Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunity to Women and youths of Uttrakhand, Himachal, Rajasthan, MP, UP and other states and rural. We also want the people to have sufficient income, food, education, health and an upgraded lifestyle and availabilities from there local area Agriculture, Handicraft, small industry, develop some skills with the area they are living and other sources of income.


Our priority is to provide people with the best resources, guidance and support to help them with a regular income and a healthy lifestyle. 

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